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Product Details

  • Mantra MFS100 Bio Metric Machine
  • Morpho Biometric Machine
  • Startek FM220 Biometric Machine

Aadhaar Biometric Machines

Brands Available:
  • Mantra MFS100
  • Morpho E Series
  • Startek FM220
Mantra MFS 100 / Startek FM 220
Morpho E Series

Product Info

What is Biometric Machine ?

Biometric Machine is a hardware to capture Fingerprint of any Individual Person to authenticate himself for eKYC. Like When any Individual Person apply for Aadhaar Card, He/ She needs to provide his Fingerprint. Later, To Verify the same, Applicant need to provide fingerprint to authenticate.

Why Biometric Needed to Issue DSC ?

Since May 2015 Onwards, Digital Signature Certificates can be Issued through eKYC of Customer. For eKYC , Applicant need to authenticat himself with Fingerprints by walking to nearest DSC Office. To Capture Fingerprint of Applicant, Biometric Fingerprint is Required. If Any Applicant is having Aadhaar Card Number , Individual eKYC can be done with Fingerprint of Applicant. eKYC is a totally Paperless Process to Issue DSC for Individuals. eKYC can be done with help of Fingerprint and eSign.

BENEFITS of eKYC through Biometric Machine !

  • Totally Paperless
  • Fully Authenticated
  • Instant Verification
  • Time Saving Process
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